Whole30 Hanukkah Brunch

Hanukkah is the festival that celebrates the re-dedication of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem after it was destroyed by the Syrian Greeks. Lasting eight days, Hanukkah (which is usually in December, per the Hebrew calendar), has become a much-anticipated holiday (especially for children!) celebrated with the lighting of the Menorah, the game of dreidel, and lots of gifts!

I’ve put together a compliant Hanukkah brunch menu to help you celebrate the holiday with friends and family! You’ll get a nice mix of protein, veggies, and fruit and instead of traditional potato latkes, you’ll find sweet potato stacks!

But, these dishes aren’t just for Hanukkah! Add them to your recipe rotation, especially as you start collecting ideas for the January Whole30. It’s coming up soon!

Happy Celebrating – and Happy Eating!

5 Minute Broiled Salmon

What Great Grandma Ate

Whole30 Veggie-Packed Breakfast Frittata

Food Network

Smoky Eggplant & Tomato Salad

Every Last Bite

Sweet Potato Stacks

The Wonky Spatula

Sugar-Free Paleo Cinnamon Applesauce

Paleo Grubs

Grilled Fruit Salad

Real Simple Good

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